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    Internal materilization usability issue

    Ramesh Reddy Master

      While testing the internal materialization usecase, I found that, if user chooses to refresh these internal matview tables *first* through 'admin-console' or adminshell by executing the "refreshMatview" procedure, they will be cached for the duration of the process since the cache hint directive will not be present.


      However, even if the user comes back with query with cache hint to load the internal matview table, this setting will be ignored and it will never refresh, unless they are invalidated again with above tools.


      My question is


      1) Should we allow to provide a cache hint like TTL with "refreshMatview" procedure, so that we can avoid indefinite caching?


      2) if user loads first time with ttl:120000, and tries to load next time with ttl:300000, should be allow that, just keep using the first setting?



      Please add your opinion.