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    How to increase performance of ExtendedDataTable rendering in Richfaces 3.3


      Hi all,


      Currently we are having a concern over the loading time of a page in our application.

      This page have a RichExtendedDataTable with 20 columns, and we, for our very limited knowledge, assumed that the rendering of this table is the cause.

      From the profiling result which you can see here, one source of this slowliness boiled down to class SimpleCharStream. (profiled scenario is loading the page and rerendering the table once)


      If this is of any importance, inside the table I'm using a lot of <c:if />s to programmatically decide whether a <rich:column /> should be built in the component tree or not.


      Thus my questions,

      1. could i have done something wrong?

      2. (assuming this is a problem,) is this a known problem? (should i post an issue in JIRA?)

      3. any solution/workaround for this?


      Many thanks before. =)





      PS: our stack

      - JBoss AS 4.2.1

      - Richfaces 3.3 on JSF 1.2

      - Seam 2.1.1

      - Yourkit java profiler 9.5.0

      - Windows XP pro SP3