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    IE9 richfaces 3.3.3.Final


      Hi All,


      IE9 has problems with richfaces.


      On the demo site ajax style tab panels do not work (which is the same problem in my application).






      Any idea when IE9 will be supported? or will IE release a fix?





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          Hi Tom,

          I also realized this problem in our richfaces based web applications. Ajax seems to have problems. The question is if this is related to IE9 beta or Richfaces. If I change the browser to IE8 mode (F12) everything is working again.


          So any feedback from the richfaces team would be great



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            ...I did some further investigations on that problem: the script debugger of ie9 returns "SCRIPT450: Wrong number of arguments or invalid property assignment" in a4j ajax.js. If i look into that line of ajax.js there´s a call to "oDoc.selectSingleNode" (where oDoc is the ajax xml response) - IE9 does not seem to have this member (right now?) on xml documents according to this post: http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en/iewebdevelopment/thread/0dc55c4d-4a63-4a12-b5cc-e4e12cc13d91.


            Another error is shown as "SCRIPT16386: Schnittstelle nicht unterstützt". If I look into the line of ajax.js code it could mean that some feature on calling XMLSerializer().serializeToString() or element.outerHTML or document.imprtNode() might not be supported (yet).


            So maybe IE9 is too beta right now according it´s xml featues or some major changes has to be done in ajax.js of Richfaces. Seems to best to wait for the next IE9 (beta) release.

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                I solved my AJAX problems in IE9 by editing AJAX.js inside Richfaces3 jar:


                just add new condition isIE9() on line 614:


                if(isIE9()  ||  (!window.XMLSerializer && Sarissa.getDomDocument && Sarissa.getDomDocument("","foo", null).xml)){


                     * Utility class to serialize DOM Node objects to XML strings

                     * @constructor


                    XMLSerializer = function(){};




                and create new function for detecting IE9, f.e.:


                function isIE9() {

                    return parseInt(jQuery.browser.version, 10) == 9;






                I found another problem, on line 2047, the variable idsSpan is not correctly initialized in IE9 -> javascript error on line 2048.

                Solution is delete line 2048:

                LOG.debug("Hidden JSF state fields: "+idsSpan);

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                  IE9 is now final (not beta) and RichFaces 3.3.3.Final have some really servere issues with IE9.



                  SCRIPT16386: En sådan grænseflade understøttes ikke

                  3_3_3.Finalorg.ajax4jsf.javascript.AjaxScript, line 120 character 1


                  It looks like the RichFaces team won't support IE9 when using RichFaces 3 and if that is the case, it's really a bad decision by the RichFaces team.




                  BTW: I tried Martin Sznapka solution and it solves one problem and a lot of new problems occur in our application.

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                    Thanks for your update I'm working at linux environment so news came slightly later And b.t.w. under russian location microsoft site still says that IE 9 is RC :/


                    P.S. we will discuss.

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                      Hi Ilya,


                      Thanks for the fast response


                      I have read somewhere that IE9 final was released 14 marts in the US and in Denmark it was released today (15 marts).


                      I really hope your discussion with rest of the RichFaces team about IE9 and RichFaces 3 will have a positive output


                      At the moment we have 2 applications running in production and we don't have the opportunity to move to RichFaces 4 - perhaps about a year we will be able to move to JSF2 and RichFaces 4.

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                        Hi Martin,


                        Would you be willing to sign our CLA ( standard open source license agreement ) and provide this as a patch for the 3.3.X branch in jira?  We'll try to get this integrated into 3.3.4-SNAPSHOT at least. 




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                          I have added it as a topic for our team meeting today on IRC ( feel free to joing ) http://community.jboss.org/wiki/RichFacesTeamMeetingAgenda3-15-2011


                          Like the post above and investigation or patches for 3.3.X branch is always appreciated, and we'll try to get them applied so that at 3.3.4-SNAPSHOT will contain the updates.



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                            A snapshot build would be much appreciated.


                            Personally I will be happy if I can move to RF4 by the end of the year, but that leaves a lot of time to be broken with a major browser.

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                              My app is live as well and it's started to cause a load of problems now IE is rolling out.

                              A snapshot build would be very helpfull.





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                                Hi everyone,


                                is there any news about this issue? Will a 3.3.X snapshot be released to fix this problem?

                                We have several web portals based on JSF 1.2 and richfaces 3.x.x and it would be a amazing work to migrate all these to JSF 2 and Richfaces 4, so I really really hope for a 3.3.x fix! We cannot tell the customers of our customers not to use the IE9...


                                Best regards,


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                                  Right now we are all focused on getting RichFaces 4.0 released, and it should be out in the next couple of weeks!!!


                                  When that is out we'll hopefully have some more time to review these issues.  However any issues found for IE9 or better yet and patches, or work-around's should be added to jira RF-10774.  Please link new jira's to it, or even add as sub-tasks. 


                                  Again, given the time cruch, any investigation and work rounds provided would be much appreciated!




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                                    We have solved the IE9 issues with RichFaces 3 by forcing IE9 to run in an emulated mode. Add the following meta tag to the head:


                                    <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=EmulateIE8"/>


                                    You can read more about it here: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/ie/archive/2008/06/10/introducing-ie-emulateie7.aspx


                                    The best solution will still be RichFaces 3 to work in the IE9 mode, but that requires RichFaces 3 to be fixed.

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