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    Datatable partial update - rowsToUpdate

    Shameer Kunjumohamed Newbie

      Hi guys,


      I am confused of how to use the partial update of a datatable, I mean updating the selected rows of the datatable on an event. Earlier in RF 3, it has been done by ajaxKeys, now it is not there and I understand it is being done as specified in this link -




      Over there, it is mentioned that if we want to refresh only one or more rows in a table, use variables to specify references as follows.



      I think there is a mistake in the syntax given here, the correct form should be(I assume) -





      And it says, "The @rows function accepts a collection of row keys to be updated.". I tried different collections here, List, Set etc, but it failed saying -


      de.odysseus.el.tree.TreeBuilderException: Error parsing '#{[0]}': syntax error at position 2, encountered '[', expected <IDENTIFIER>|<STRING>|<FLOAT>|<INTEGER>|'true'|'false'|'null'|'-'|'!'|'not'|'empty'|'('


      Can some one help on this, what is the correct usage ?


      Also, if I want to refresh the whole row, what is the syntax ? Is it as here ?



      Or should I give a comma separated list of columns ? like..


      tableId:@rows(#{bean.rowToUpdate}):col1, tableId:@rows(#{bean.rowToUpdate}):col2, ...