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    Datatable partial update - rowsToUpdate


      Hi guys,


      I am confused of how to use the partial update of a datatable, I mean updating the selected rows of the datatable on an event. Earlier in RF 3, it has been done by ajaxKeys, now it is not there and I understand it is being done as specified in this link -




      Over there, it is mentioned that if we want to refresh only one or more rows in a table, use variables to specify references as follows.



      I think there is a mistake in the syntax given here, the correct form should be(I assume) -





      And it says, "The @rows function accepts a collection of row keys to be updated.". I tried different collections here, List, Set etc, but it failed saying -


      de.odysseus.el.tree.TreeBuilderException: Error parsing '#{[0]}': syntax error at position 2, encountered '[', expected <IDENTIFIER>|<STRING>|<FLOAT>|<INTEGER>|'true'|'false'|'null'|'-'|'!'|'not'|'empty'|'('


      Can some one help on this, what is the correct usage ?


      Also, if I want to refresh the whole row, what is the syntax ? Is it as here ?



      Or should I give a comma separated list of columns ? like..


      tableId:@rows(#{bean.rowToUpdate}):col1, tableId:@rows(#{bean.rowToUpdate}):col2, ...
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          Hi Shameer,


          It should be the following:




          You should use space- or comma-separated list of columns.

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            Thanks Nick, for the answer.


            It works when the event is invoked from outside the datatable. ie, a button outside the datatable can re-render a row(with a hard-coded row-index - rowToUpdate).


            However, if I move the same button to a column inside the datatable(then the button will get repeated in all rows), then the event is fired and the listener method is executed, but the render doesn't work.


            I am trying to get a row editable on row-click. the row-click itself has a bug, as given in this thread[164648] . I am using the work around of using the jsFunction to pass tge currentRow for the time being.


            It works if I refresh/render the whole data-grid which is not practical to me, but I am not able to render the selected rows partially, it doesnt refresh.

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              It is not actually working even from outside the datatable. It was the whole page/region refresh.


              If you give refresh="tableId", it refreshes the whole table. But if you give render="tableId:@rows(bean.rowToUpdate)" or render="tableId:@rows(bean.rowToUpdate):cellId", it doesn't return anything from the server-side, except the view-state data.


              Can you please send me a working sample of datatable with partial update on selected rows(using the syntax you have suggested) ?

              I couldn't see one even in the RF demo, datatable section.


              This issue is blocking our development, please help me to get this removed. This is a show stopper for us.

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                So, column ID doesn't work as column is rendered by data table. You can update component located in the column:



                                    <rich:dataTable value="#{capitalsBean.capitals}" var="cap" id="table">

                                              <rich:column id="name">

                                                        <h:outputText value="#{cap.name}" />


                                              <rich:column id="state">

                                                        <h:outputText value="#{cap.state}" id="text"/>



                                                        <h:outputText value="#{cap.timeZone}" />




                                    <a4j:commandLink render="table:@rows(capitalsBean.updateKeys):text" value="Update text" />


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                  That means I cannot just partially render one row as a whole using render="table:@rows(capitalsBean.updateKeys)" ?


                  I already got this sample(refreshing components inside a cell) working, but it won't address my requirement. I want to conditionally hide and show some components without wrapping them by an outputPanel or something. Performance reasons . Previously, in RF3, it was possible by refreshing the columns in a row.

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                    Is this a bug (that the entire row re-render is not working) ? When will it get resolved ?

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                      I think this issue has a relation with the reported bug, RF-10756, where a wrong component-id to be rendered is sent back from server.


                      When I try to render the row using render="table:@rows(capitalsBean.updateKeys)", I can see the content of the row is sent back to the browser, in the firebug, but it does not repaint, I think the component-id that is sent back is incorrect.


                      I suppose this is the root cause for the failure of partial update within all iteration controls such as repeat, datatable, collapsiblesubtable, etc.

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                        Hi Nick,


                        The above example you have given above [to update a component inside a column in a row, instead of that row as a whole], works, but still has a problem in it.


                        If I change the order of the item list internally, and refresh the table partially(only few relevant rows), it renders in the same old oder(before re-ordering). I have printed the item order into log messages, and compared to the rendered partial update, confirmed the difference. While the server-side list is changed in order, the rendered partial update is in the old order.


                        It was working perfectly in RF 3. Is there a work around for this ?


                        Also, when are the planned release for 4.0.1.Milestone1, 4.1.0.Milestone1 and 4.Future ? Hope these would fix few bugs which are blocking us.

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                          Hi Shameer,


                          could you please provide us minimalistic sample application where we can reproduce your issue?



                          Could can also vote on issues which have Ilya posted before?



                          Thank you,


                          - Lukas