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    Roadmap and planning for RichFaces 4.1


      Hi All,


      Things are bit crazy around here getting ready for JBoss World, and JUDCon in Boston, so we have not had time to get the roadmap nailed down and posted yet.


      The JSF 2.2 spec is planned to be released at the end of this year, but were not going to wait for Mojarra and MyFaces to support it before having a release. 


      I think the best approach for pushing RichFaces forward is timeboxed minor releases.  A 6 month box is likely long enough to get cool new features in, and short enough for everyone to know the next release is not too far away.


      That said, RichFaces 4.0.0 was released at the very end of March.  This means for our planning ( which will kick off in earnest after JBossWorld on the dev space )  we'll be using an October boundary.


      Some items I'd like to see are:

      • Bug fixing, and updates
      • Move all 4.X development to git
      • Seam-forge integration
        • UI projects
        • Customer component projects
      • Components
        • rich:editor
        • picklist, ordered list either as a composite component, or a full rich:*
        • rich:push to support CDI events
      • HTML5 & mobile support
        • The exacts we'll figure out in May
        • Gesture support
        • input typing
        • Skinning updates
      • Theme/layout support
      • Component development workshops & solid sandbox process
        • CDK ease of use
        • Examples
        • Seam-forge component dev plugin
        • Better docs
      • TBD


      All of this is up for discussion, and we'll have to see what we can fit into the schedule.


      We'd love to hear feedback and comments for the release from anyone.



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