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    Process variable and rule task


      Hi all,



          I'm writing a rule that analyze a variable in my process, and this variable is taken in consideration to fire a rule. So I did something very simple using the from

      conditional element in the left hand side.



      rule "Test"
                ruleflow-group "test"
                          $processInstance : WorkflowProcessInstance()
                          $str : String() from (String)$processInstance.getVariable("strValue");
                          System.out.println("str: " + $str);


           My doubt is that when I have this variable "strValue" started as a parameter when I start the process everything works fine but when I have it initialized using a Script Task node before my Rule Task node, the rule isn't fired.


      kcontext.setVariable("strValue", "test value");


           I can check that the value is set if I use it in the right hand side (without from) or getting the variable value from the java code who started the process.


          Any guess about this behavior?




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          Hi Cristiano

          I think that it depends on when you insert the process instance in working memory.

          Have you try to insert process instance after you set the strValue? for example from a Script Task just before the Business Rule Task that perform the following action:




          Best regards,


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            I'm currently using a ProcessEventListener to insert the process in the working memory just before it starts and remove it after completed. In this way I can handle processes in the working memory in a generic way. But a made your suggestion and it works, what happens is that the process needs to be updated in the working memory after I change a process variable. Now my listener looks like this and seems to be working fine.



                      public void afterVariableChanged(ProcessVariableChangedEvent event) {
                                LOGGER.debug("{}", event);
                                LOGGER.debug("Updating ProcessInstance on working memory");
                                FactHandle handle = event.getKnowledgeRuntime().getFactHandle( event.getProcessInstance() );
                                if(handle != null){
                                               event.getKnowledgeRuntime().update( handle, event.getProcessInstance() );


            Many thanks!

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              Hi Can you share some examples of using Process Event Listener and invoking DRL files.