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    How can I create an appliance in a different region such as ap.northeast-1

    Marcus Hood Newbie

      Hello All,


      I am trying to build appliances for the ap-notheast-1 region with boxgrinder.  It seems to default to us-east-1?    How can I build for the ap-notheast-1 reagion?   I thought   --delivery-config could work but the key:value used such as region:ap-northeast-1 has not worked.  Or better yet how can I get the boxgrinder meta appliance ami over to the ap-northeast-1 reagion?


      These are the kernels I would need to use for an ap-northeast-1 ami.


      ec2-describe-images --region ap-northeast-1 -o amazon | grep pv-grub


      aki-d209a2d3    ec2-public-images-ap-northeast-1/pv-grub-hd0-V1.01-i386.gz.manifest.xml      i386

      aki-d409a2d5    ec2-public-images-ap-northeast-1/pv-grub-hd0-V1.01-x86_64.gz.manifest.xml       x86_64

      aki-d609a2d7    ec2-public-images-ap-northeast-1/pv-grub-hd00-V1.01-i386.gz.manifest.xml        i386

      aki-d809a2d9    ec2-public-images-ap-northeast-1/pv-grub-hd00-V1.01-x86_64.gz.manifest.xml      x86_64


      Any ideas?