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    maven dependency setup.


      I really fairly new to JCA development so maybe I am just not looking in the right places; so I want to apologize if the questions is too fundamental. But with what little example I've found from the 1.0.6-Beta distribution/samples, it wasn't very helpful for me to determine all the dependencies(and version) I need to compile a project.


      The example just asked to copy every jar under lib/ and one IronJacamar-sjc.jar from bin directory and compile in ant; since I am restricted to maven build environment, I have to somehow enter the version information. How am I supposed to do that?


      And that's just first part of my battle. Since the resources I am testing is behind the firewall from my usual development environment, I can't run profile jbossas-remote-6; I have to deploy to the isolated environment and somehow run my tests that way. But first I'd like to get through the hump of just setting up the libraries.


      Hasn't anyone had the same task, to use maven to set up at least the compile time environment?