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    Nexus access to http://jesperpedersen.github.com/fungal/maven2

    jörg maurer Newbie



      We are using Ironjacamar 1.0.0.FINAL with maven2. Its is dependent on fungal artifacts from repo http://jesperpedersen.github.com/fungal/maven2.


      So far i have used that's repository definition directly in my pom. Now having got installed a hosted nexus repo for http://jesperpedersen.github.com/fungal/maven2, nexus is not able to download anything from jesper's repo.


      Had any of you experienced that problem? Any help appreciated!


      BTW, if you are going to any of that repos subdirectories http://jesperpedersen.github.com/fungal/maven2/com/github/fungal/fungal/0.10.0.Beta1/ there is no directory listing.

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