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    WSDL import and SOLR connection profile

    akhil gupta Newbie

      Hi all,

      Recently I was trying to import a wsdl in my project.But the validation showed me an error.Following are the steps that I took


      Import--WSDL into a relational model

      gave a random name to the profile

      and selected the WSDL file from my system.


      on validation it is showing following error : validation failed,was expectiing a text/XML or  application/XML file.

      When I try to Import WSDL in web services model i get an error message that element definitions is not defined.

      I tried it with 2 different wsdl but i didnt succeed.


      should i create a wsdl in my project before I import this??



      Also please tell me if I wish to create a connection profile for an item which is not listed already in the options,how should I do it.I need to create a connection profile for SOLR.Or will modeshape support it?



      Akhil Krishna Gupta