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    WSDL import and SOLR connection profile


      Hi all,

      Recently I was trying to import a wsdl in my project.But the validation showed me an error.Following are the steps that I took


      Import--WSDL into a relational model

      gave a random name to the profile

      and selected the WSDL file from my system.


      on validation it is showing following error : validation failed,was expectiing a text/XML or  application/XML file.

      When I try to Import WSDL in web services model i get an error message that element definitions is not defined.

      I tried it with 2 different wsdl but i didnt succeed.


      should i create a wsdl in my project before I import this??



      Also please tell me if I wish to create a connection profile for an item which is not listed already in the options,how should I do it.I need to create a connection profile for SOLR.Or will modeshape support it?



      Akhil Krishna Gupta

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          Ramesh !!am stuck here..please guide

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            I suspect there is some issue with the WSDL, did you click the "details" button when validate button is clicked? That should tell you if there are any errors in WSDL.


            When you selected "import" -> "WSDL into Relational Model", the first dialog box that shows up walks you through the connection profile. If there is any errors in WSDL this will not succeed. Also, you can specify the endpoint in this wizard.


            Modeshape is not designed for this type of functionality.




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              Yeah ramesh I clicked the details tab too and there it showed that the WSDL file could not be read.

              I have tried the same process for 3-4 different WSDLs but it wasnt working.

              Can you tell me what all is neccessary in connection profile as I just browsed to the WSDL file and clicked test connection which showed ping successful.

              also please throw some light over what endpoint do we need to specify  and is it neccessary in creating a profile?

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                If you import the WSDL file into your workspace you should be able to right click it in the explorer view and run validation.  This will not get you past the issue, but we use the same validatior so it may provide a different view of the problem.  We might learn something.


                You can ignore the Ping button, we used the built in Eclipse WSDL Connection Profile and that ping button was built in but it does nothing.


                The endpoint that's needed for the binding is the URL to the service endpoint.  I don't think that's going to help you much because you have a good deal of manual work ahead of you if we don't get the importer to handle your WSDL.

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                  hi Ramesh,

                  I wish to know what is the differrence between Jboss Application server and a JBoss Enterprise Data Services server?

                  I am using JBOSS AS 5.1.0 and recently in an example,I need to deploy something known as EAR to JBoss Enterprise Data Services server.

                  Kindly give me some pointers on this.

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                    ss1.JPGHI ss2.JPG

                    Hi Ramesh,


                    I see that In teiid we get WSDL as functions accompanied by virtual procedures(ss2),while in Metamatrix we get it as tables and columns.How should I access the tables and columns in teiid?



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                      Good Question!


                      JBoss AS 5.1.0 + Teiid == free, community version, means no SLAs and *no* professional support from Redhat. Only community support thru forums only. Latest and greatest version, always moving on with new features. Does not include any other SOA components. Even though we test these versions with the help of the community users, this is not recommenced for  production environments.


                      JBoss Enterprises Data Services == paid, subscription version from Redhat, a product which is built from stable versions of Teiid and other SOA components, that is fully tested and comes with full support from Redhat with SLAs for up to 7 years. Recommended for production deployments.


                      Hope this helps understand the difference.



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                        The way that XML is consumed changed between the last MetaMatrix release and the Teiid releases.  The Tables and Columns have been replaced by procedures that can build and/or parse the XML elements defined in the WSDL.  Take a look at these blog posts for an overview.






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                          Yes,I got it..

                          Thanks Ramesh

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                            Hi John,

                            Thankyou so much for that lucid article.Noobs like me wish that everything is explained in the same manner.I have tried the example quoted by you and was able to see the tables and columns at an instance.

                            Kinldy clarify some more concerns,

                            1) when I am trying to create a data source for CountryInfoService,I get the following error


                            remote.org.teiid.adminapi.AdminComponentException:Failed to prrocess template


                            Even though my JBOSS AS is running and an admin connection was set.

                            How can I rectify this error?


                            2)Is  the query that you have quoted for example to generate tables i.e


                                    CapitalCityResult AS CapitalCity, countryISOCode AS ISOCode
                                    ops.GetCapitalCity AS occ
                                    countryISOCode = countryISOCode


                            to be used by generating a new base table(new child-->new base table) in view model OP??




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                              Hi John and Ramesh,

                              While trying to execute the virtual procedure GetCapital City in ops I am getting following error:


                              Remote org.teiid.core.TeiidProcessingException: A connection factory was supplied, but no implementation was provided getConnection


                              I used the following method to execute it


                              exec GetCapitalCity(



                              I am getting the same error while trying to execute other virtual procedures too.Kindly guide.



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                                During the import of "WSDL into Relational source model", did you create "Web Services Data Source"?


                                The error is indicating that you have not set the translator name on your model on your vdb.



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                                  Hi Ramesh,

                                  During the import process,i didnt find any provision for making a Data source..I did that once the physical model was imported.

                                  I chose set connection profile as the one that i made before importing the wsdl..

                                  then i chose create data source..there with the same profile I was unable to create the data source..so I tried the default and the data source was visible under the teiid instance.

                                  I was also discussing the connection profile issue at:



                                  also kindly take a look at:





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                                    As the other thread suggests install CXF first.