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    Tutorial for JSFUnit2 + JBoss 6 + Eclipse WTP

    Wolfgang Knauf Master

      Hi all,


      after a long struggle with JSFUnit, Maven and Eclipse, I finished writing a beginners tutorial, which targets for using JSFUnit with Eclipse:

      It is targeted for this combination of tools:

      -Eclipse 3.7 + Web Tools Platform plugin ("JavaEE developers" edition)

      -JBoss 6

      -M2Eclipse 1.0.0

      -JSFUnit 2 Beta 2 (built from source)


      Note that I tried to use the Eclipse functionalities for developing and deploying JavaEE applications as much as possible and to use Maven only for places where there was no way around it ;-). This caused a bit of struggle to combine them both, but in the end it worked: I use Eclipse JavaEE project types, and only the test project is a Maven one.


      The tutorial can be found here: http://www.cs.hs-rm.de/~knauf/JavaEE6/jsfunit/index.html

      Any comments are welcome - and hopefully it is really helpful ;-).


      Best regards