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    Develop complex jBPM processes all in Guvnor?

    J W Newbie

      The video (Posted by Tihomir Surdilovic) showcases an outstanding achievement, but I am not sure what component versions should be used to get these features working.


      I tried starting with jbpm-5.1.0.Final-installer-full, but I replaced guvor.war with guvnor-5.3.0.Beta1-jboss-as-5.1.war and designer.war with designer- Now I am able to do pretty much what is shown in the video, including the automatic generation of flt forms. I can see all the assets inside Guvnor. I can see my process inside the jbpm-console, but when I try to start a new execution of my process, instead of seeing the form that captures process variables, I am getting the attached page.

      From here I am stuck. I closed the page and looked for running instance, but it didn’t show any. I couldn’t find errors inside the server.log.


      It might be I am using a wrong combination of installed component. Does anybody have this working currently and what component versions are you usingpiTest1.png?