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    JBPM Install


      Hi all,


      i try to install jBoss JBPM with Eclipse Ganymede v3.4 but i can't display jboss jbpm server in windows/preferences menu.
      I can't anymore create a new jbpm project in project/new submenu
      I folowed the tutorial (jBPM3 Eclipse Setup et jBPM3 Getting Started). I have already the jboss server 4.2.3-GA and eclipse ganymede 3.4 installed with jdk1.5.

      When i try to set up eclipse (Install BPMN Support part), i couldn't add BPMN Project features (fig1 et 2)
      If i try to add zip from my eclipse directory, i can't display it from the software updates menu and no site url refering to jbpm updates.
      What is an another plugins is necessary to load the BPMN plugin?

      So if i run the followed command: java -jar jbpm-installer-3.<<x>>.<<y>>.GA.jar (jbpm-installer-3.2.8.jar in my case).
      i don't see all the folders like "db" and "deploy" in my directory.

      Finally if i try to put plugins and features contains from  jbpm-jpdl-designer.3.1.3.sp2.zip or jbpm-gpd-3.0-beta1.zip (for process designer)
      or directly zip in dropins folders of eclipse, i see no menu relative to jBPM.


      Can you tell me what is the procedure to display JBPM menu with Eclipse?