Here are the manual steps to install jBPM5 plug-in and run a sample example in Eclipse.This install is done automatically after running jBPM5 installer ( Following procedure, however, might be useful if you want to understand (or having problems completing the install) the main install steps provided in the automated install script for JBPM5.2. The install instructions for the previous release 5.1 can also be found in the attachment


1.) Download Eclipse Helios:


Unzip this into a directory, say JBPM5


2.) Download Drools and JBPM5 plugin, i.e.,



Unzip this plugin to a temp directory, say TEMP\drools-update-site. Copy 'features' and 'plugins' directories from TEMP\drools-update-site into



It is required to have a runtime dependant libraries that a jBPM5 sample can use.


3.) Download the libraries ( ) from and unzip into a directory, say JBPM5\runtime.


4.) Create a new jBPM sample project in Eclipse and use the runtime libraries downloaded in Step 4.


ScreenHunter_05 Feb. 27 09.42.gif



ScreenHunter_01 Feb. 27 09.19.gif

ScreenHunter_02 Feb. 27 09.19.gif



Select 'Configure Workspace Setting' link below and set it to 'JBPM5\runtime' directory created in Step4.





Update for the version 5.4:


Following two links can be used in Steps 2 and 3 for  JBPM 5.4 plugin and the runtime libraries.


jBPM Plugin: : jbpm-5.2.0.Final-bin.zip