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        Esteban Aliverti Master

        . The classes I share with you are part of jbpm-web-designer. AFAIK, this project started as a cooperation between intalio and jbpm5 team to create a web designer based on Oryx/Wapama. That is why the packages contains 'intalio'. But the truth is that the repo jbpm5 is using belongs to Tihomir Surdilovic, one of the Red Hat employees in charge of jbpm development.

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          Estelle Guallar Newbie

          i got it thank you for your explanation again

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            Tihomir Surdilovic Master

            Just to add to what Esteban said if I may

            We are in the process of moving the jBPM Designer code to the jBPM github: https://github.com/droolsjbpm/jbpm. This should be done very soon.

            Designer is not a personal project that lives in some private repository but is a jBPM component (http://www.jboss.org/jbpm/components/designer), will be part of the supported JBoss BRMS offering in the next BRMS release, and if I may say is the best open-source BPMN2 editor around It has independen release cycles from jBPM which will continue after it's moved to the jBPM github. This is important so that we can turn around fixes to you guys as fast as possible (that may be completely unrelated to the jBPM engine). Also, we would be very much pleased to have more of the community play with the Designer code and possibly contribute cool features so feel free to ping me any time on IRC ( http://www.jboss.org/jbpm/irc ) and I'd be glad to get you guys up and running.

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              Estelle Guallar Newbie


              thank you guys all of you.

              For you Esteban Aliverti this is my project i must do it like this using jbpm API   from the begining i have made choice between the other API using BPMN2 like Bonita intalio ... and after a comparaison between them i choose JBPM.

              Now i have difficulties to do the correspondance between the component of JBPM5 and  the component of the .ego so for you Tihomir Surdilovic i will tag you on IRC because i need help thank you so much.

              Esteban i dont have to use the web consol designe neither the run time of jbpm i dont have to deploy it either they have every thing i used only like a plugin eclipse and i designe the process by code. I will make it generic the solution for all the possibilities that could be for a process. Hope you understand me and if you can help me i will pleased thank you.

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