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        I tried using it and had problems however I suspect they are due to my not knowing how to correctly use the editor.


        Let me give 2 examples, perhaps you can give some guidance where to find information:


        a.)  For a process, I want to add an Item Definition. I click Add, and it seem to add an new Item Definition with the id "ItemDefinition_1". I can see no way to edit the id. I try clicking on that and typing the id I want, and the text turns blue but does not change. I can modify this outside the editor, then the editor displays the new value when I reload the diagram.

        b.) In the property sheet for the process, I add a property. This time it lets me edit the id, however (based on jBPM5 examples) I should be able to specify an "itemSubjectRef" attribute, but in the editor, it only provides for specifying Name, Data State, and Data Type.


        I was using Helios so I upgraded to Indigo hoping that would change the behavior, however it seems exactly the same.


        The examples given in the jBPM5 documentation are for the "older" version of the editor, plus they don't seem to go into that much detail.


        I am wondering if my problems have to do with trying to do jBPM5-specific things with a tool that supports the BPMN2 specification but nothing unique to jBPM5?


        Thanks for any guidance!




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          Kris Verlaenen wrote:


          It's moved to eclipse.org and development is continuing actively there, we're hoping to publish a release that supports the same node types as the current editor (and more) near the end of this month.







          Hmnn seems to contradict this thread?





          The old plugin, aka BPMN2 Process Editor, is not yet retired. Red Hat plans to support this editor when we provide support for jBPM 5.


          The new plugin, aka BPMN2 Visual Editor, is not yet fully baked. While the graphics look great, as you have discovered, many of the the element attributes are not suitable for jBPM 5 and not exposed in a way that would make sense to a user. This is a work in progress.


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            It would be good to get some clarity on the eclipse plugin.


            https://www.jboss.org/jbpm/components/eclipse-plugin sounds very interesting but I didnt see any mention of where to get the plugin.


            What eclipse plugin should I use for jbpm and where do I get it?



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