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New meta appliance

oleg vasya Newbie



New boxgrinder 0.10 is awesome! But meta appliance in amazon is old

When it will with new boxgrinder?


Thank You

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    msavy Novice

    Hi Oleg,


    I'm working on pushing up a new BoxGrinder Meta right now. I hit a few hitches, but I'll have it done by today. Just FYI the existing Meta updates itself automatically to the latest BoxGrinder release available in the *stable* repos. 


    As 0.10 isn't in the stable repos yet (but will be soon!) the current Meta uses 0.9.8, however you can easily get it straight away with:

     yum update rubygem-boxgrinder-build rubygem-boxgrinder-core --enablerepo="updates-testing"
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    oleg vasya Newbie

    Thank You!


    I'm will wait new appliance

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    oleg vasya Newbie

    Any news about images in new zones? (sa-east, us-west-2)

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    Marek Goldmann Master



    Ping msavy on IRC - he'll give you access to our private, incomplete meta's which are able to build appliances, but are not in very good shape The plan is to release new meta's most probably in the 0.11 timeframe.