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    Direct Seam support for Flex?



      are there any plans to integrate Flex directly with Seam?
      I tried the integration via FlamingoDS, GraniteDS and BlazeDS.

      BlazeDS is my prefered aproach.

      A Seam-Flex support (seam-flex.jar) based on BlazeDS would be very helpful and could include:

      1) EJB support


      2) Seam support

      FlexBlazeDS-Seam: http://www.rationaldeveloper.com/

      3) Extended Seam-Flex-API

      seam*.swc flex library

      4) Ok, documentation would be a bit too much.. (-:

      By the way, Spring does provide a flex integration via BlazeDS: Spring BlazeDS Integration 1.0.0.RC1 has been released: http://www.springsource.org/spring-flex

      One interesting feature: FLEX-17 - Exporting Beans as Flex Remoting Destination using annotations.

      Can I propose a feature request?

      A (quick) answer would be very much appreciated.