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    Seam 2.2.0GA + Glassfish V2.1.1 + Seam Examples = don't work! Please, I need some help.

      |Hello, I followed several guides to run seam on glassfish, and could only run the JPA example (without EAR - EJBs). Example jee5/booking not run in glassfish! I created a project using seam-gen, did all the modifications suggested in the following guides, but in the end, I get only a 503 error in the browser when I try to access http://localhost:8080/any_project_or_example.

      In the server.log the only exceptions that are thrown indicate:
      com.sun.enterprise.deployment.backend.IASDeploymentException: Could not resolve a persistence unit corresponding to the persistence-unit-ref-name
      This is one of the exceptions thrown..

      These are the links that follow, in order:
      - Http://relation.to/Bloggers/Seam210IntegrationWithGlassFishV2 - Example of seam booking DOES NOT WORK!

      - Http://seamframework.org/Community/Seam212Glassfish21ExplodeDeploy - I tried to modify some values based on this topic. Without success.

      - Http://seamframework.org/Community/BugInSeamgenSeam212CR2ForGlassFishEARProjects - I tried to follow the guide SlideShare, and tips from Chris Dunphy, without success!

      I know it's annoying this type of request, but could someone give me an example (project) running on jboss seam 2.1.2.GA or 2.2.0.GA ON GLASSFISH V2, with all *. xml and *.java files, and a guide to more details on how to create a project with seam-gen to run on glassfish? I will import the project in Eclipse Ganymede 3.4, but that I already know how. I would be really grateful for any help, Please, share the knowledge!

      Thank you, I'll be waiting for answers!|||