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      In war-deployers-jboss-beans.xml I have java2ClassLoadingCompliance=true and useJBossWebLoader=true. (JBossAS 5.0.1).

      I have two war files. A servlet in one tries to instantiate a class in the other. I get a NoClassDefFoundError Exception.

      My understanding is that this shoud not be so. Am I wrong?

      The Jamae / Johnson books states:

      TIP: No applications have visibility to classes within a WAR file that, by the servlet
      specification, are required to be separate. You can change that behavior by
      setting the useJBossWebLoader property of the WarDeployer bean in the
      -beans.xml file to true. If that doesn’t give full visibility, you might also want
      to set the java2ClassLoadingCompliance property of that same bean to
      true. The war-deployers-beans.xml file contains descriptions of the usage
      of both of these properties.