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    Kick-off discussion: CDK Wish List


      On the last meeting [1], we have discussed how the CDK should be improved


      and agreed to create CDK Wish List wiki page.



      Everyone involed have now chance to express what are the priorities he feel it would be nice to have in CDK.


      Later I will take this discussion and prepare wiki page with links to issue tracker.


      I will start:


      • test base for testing features of CDK from high-level view (input/output)
      • incremental build
      • fix scanning for interfaces (XML-free inheritance of attributes using Java interfaces)
      • full support for iterative/dynamic components


      Brian Leathem has pointed out:


      • allow casting in templates


      Bernard Labno has pointed to:


      • generating listener tags


      [1] http://transcripts.jboss.org/meeting/irc.freenode.org/richfaces/2012/richfaces.2012-03-27-14.03.html