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    OSGi Roadmap ideas and request for feedback




      with jboss-as-7.1.2 almost out of the door it time to ponder a little what to do next for the AS7/OSGi integration. Here a few ideas in no particular order


      A) Improved Repository


      The repository should provide an API that allows add/remove of atrtefacts [JBOSGI-549]. The repository metadata should be persistent [JBOSGI-525]. There should be a management view for the repository [AS7-4690].


      B) OSGi Cloud Support in OpenShift


      As well as providing the core OSGi functionality in OpenShift, we need to provide management capabilities, documentation and working examples [JBOSGI-550].


      C) Core Framework update to R5


      Provide an R5 compliant core implementation. Among other things, this is needed for Subsystem/Application support [JBOSGI-497]


      D) HttpService/WebApp support on top of JBossWeb


      The is a long standing issue that should replace PaxWeb/Jetty with the JBossWeb implementation that is in AS7 [AS7-351].


      E) Allign deployment lifecycle with OSGi


      OSGi bundles provide a module in the RESOLVED state. If this was happening as part of the normal deployment unit processing (DUP) chain. It'd be possible to use OSGi metadata in any deployment type supported by AS7. We could then have modular EJB3, Web, CDI, etc deployments as well as the general ability to start/stop AS7 deployments. [AS7-4243]


      F) Support for Framework restart in AS7


      It should be possible to modify the framework configuration and restart the framework in AS7. This is especially important for a Framework instance running in OpenShift [AS7-4691].


      G) JPA support on Hibernate


      JPA should be usable from OSGi (in hte standard way) using the JPA provider thgat is available in AS7. [JBOSGI-260]


      H) CDI/OSGi Integration


      There is a project by Mathieu Ancelin that integrates Weld with OSGi. This should be integrated in AS7. [JBOSGI-445]


      I) OSGi for Mobile Platforms


      As part of our 3D strategy, I'd like to investigate in OSGi on mobile platforms [JBOSGI-551].



      I look forward to receiving your feedback and of course generally encourage involvement in this tech.