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Missing stylessheets in Richfaces 4.4.2 Final within Portlet on GateIn Portal

ameo Novice



i have the following environment:

- JBoss AS 7

- GateIn Portal

- Portlet 2.0

- JSF 2.0

- Richfaces 4.2.2 Final


I deployed a portlet successful and actions with Faces 2.0 and EJBs works fine. The richfaces data table make my table, but the styles are not there and I miss the stylessheets of all richfaces components, like

the rich:panel. The problem ist, that the richfaces stylesheets are not loaded. I searched them by firebug and there are no richfaces style definitions.


The setup of richfaces is configure like the describtion in the richfaces documentation:




Do you have any idea where the problem could be ? Could it be there a correlation with the portletbridge ?