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    How to use someother user to perform updates/deletes/insert in ldap that whats configured in the ds file using ldap Translator

    Vineela Gampa Novice



      I want to use someother user ( it couldnt be loggedin user etc) than whats configured in ds  to perform updates/inserts etc using ldap translator.I checked to see what execution contexts principal is : .In my case principal username is "test" and the user thats configured in the ds file is admin/admin123.

      Translator is performing updates using admin/admin123 but is not using "test" user.  How can i make this happen ?








        <config-property name="LdapAdminUserDN">CN=admin</config-property>

        <config-property name="LdapAdminUserPassword">admin123</config-property>

        <config-property name="LdapUrl">ldap://test242:789/</config-property>