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    References to Navigation


      Hi all, I am trying to fetch navigation infos from a groovy template different than UIPortalNavigation.gtmpl .


      Could you suggest me a way to fetch those infos?


      I have tried with the same code I have found in UIPortalNavigation


      def rootNodes = uicomponent.getNavigations();



      but it seems that uicomponent is null.



      Any suggestions?



      thank you



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          uicomponent.getNavigations() in that template point to org.exoplatform.portal.webui.navigation.UIPortalNavigation#getNavigations(). You can take a look at it to see how to fetch navigation infos


          But if in your portlet, you only want to retrieve current context of navigation, you can use this https://community.jboss.org/wiki/GateInPortalNavigationalProperties

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            Hi thanks for quick reply.

            Unlickily I am using JBoss EPP 5.2.1 that uses some old .jars so I could neither use getNavigations() nor the source of that method since it's again calling some methods I do not have access to.


            Any other tips?


            I am just trying to replicate the Navigation menu in another portlet template

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              You have the Navigation Service, that is made to provide the Navigation infos.

              I don't remember exactly how to get it and use it, but there are some sample in the UIPortalNavigation and the UINavigationPortlet, and the corresponding .gtmpl files.


              May be the UINavigationPortlet is a better track to follow, to make another Menu portlet.


              I am doing this kind of change, right now, in a compagny : changing the navigation menu, so it appears as a "DroppeddownTabbed" menu, like for this : https://access.redhat.com/home


              It is not difficult.

              I'll try to make a wiki, when this custom menu is finished (with the design details etc...).



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                Thank you Antoine but actually the code I have posted in the first post comes exactly from UIPortalNavigation .


                In that class, the oject that provides the values I need, is already set and available through as the variable uicomponent.


                I tried to read the util methods implementation found around but I have not been able to find the informations I need.


                Do anyone have a working example?



                I am afraid I am facing the same exact scenario as here. I have to find a way to access the informations from code, that are exposes as REST services.



                thank you