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    Monitoring datasource connection pool on JBoss AS7.1


      I'm trying to get the runtime statistics of my datasource connection pool on JBoss AS7.1. I found that  the MBean "jboss.as:subsystem=datasources,data-source=MyDS_Pool" gives me all static info that I configured in datasource subsystem for MyDS. It also has an attribute called "statistics" which is not giving any value when I tried to read it with my mbean client or with jconsole. How do I get runtime metrics of my datasource connection pool?


      In other words, I want to get metrics shown at http://myhost:9990/console/App.html#ds-metrics. I used to get this info from the MBean "jboss.jca:name=myjndi,service=ManagedConnectionPool" on JBoss AS6 and earlier. But that mbean seem to be removed in 7.1

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