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    Class Loading

    sammie88 Newbie

      I have 2 modules being deployed in JBoss7 -


      ModuleA.jar (EJBs)

      ModuleB.rar (connector)


      ModuleA.jar  uses a class in ModuleB.rar so I put a "Dependencies: deployment.ModuleB.rar" in my Manifest.mf for ModuleA.jar

      This works. The problem is ModuleB.rar uses some classes back in ModuleA.jar (like utility classes for logging, exceptions)

      How do I specify the dependency back to ModuleA.jar  - I have a circular/inter dependency in other words. What is a better way of packaging this?

      I tried putting a "Dependencies.." on the ModuleB.rar but it failed to deploy


      Thanks- any help is appreciated.