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    Advice on how to set up a network deployment


      I would like to configure 5.4.0.Final so that I can host JBoss, Guvnor etc on one system (in this case an ordinary Windows 7 PC) and run user consoles on several other systems (mixture of Windows PCs, laptops, BlackBerry PlayBook) over a LAN/WAN.


      I will be working primarily from these resources


      Can I please ask for the following advice:

      • Are these two resources sufficient for what I want to do?
      • Can I simply set the host to in all cases (as implied by the first reference) or do I need to be more specific?
      • Is this Article still relevant? https://community.jboss.org/wiki/JBPM-530FinalManualDeploymentGuideForBeginner
      • Within designer my WorkDefinitions files (*.wid etc) contain hardcoded references to localhost and 8080. Do I need to go through and edit these by hand or will they be updated to reflect any changes I make?
      • Have I missed any other articles that might be useful?
      • Is there an easier way to do all of this?


      Very grateful for any advice the community can offer! In return, if I can get it all to work I'll write it up in a new Article.



      Andy McC


      jBPM 5.4.0.Final, Eclipse Helios (i.e. the default newbie set up), Windows 7 and 8

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          OK I seem to have got this all set up and working. Most of the information was available from the links in my original post.


          For the record, here's the steps I used:


          1) I made the changes to standalone.xml, build.xml, conf/default.jbpm.console.properties and conf/guvnor.preferences.properties outlined in Network configuration jBPM5.4 (with Bug Fixes)

            • I used host
            • I did not apply the JPA2 changes
            • ant clean.demo
            • ant install.demo


          2) In jbpm-human-task-war.war I updated the file WEB-INF/web.xml with the following changes:

          • This step was essential to get task forms to work properly


          <!-- HornetQ configuration parameters -->










          3) In Drools-Guvnor I changed WorkItemDefinitions file so that references to localhost:8080 became


          4) I noticed that ant stop.demo would not shutdown JBoss properly. To do so I modified build.xml as follows (approx line 799 onwards)

          • NB This isn't ideal as the password and username data could be visible to other users. But it does what I need for the time being.


          <target name="stop.jboss7" depends="check.jboss.version" if="jboss.version.is.7">

          <exec executable="${jboss.home}/bin/jboss-cli.bat"


          <arg value="--controller=" />

          <arg value="--user=<username>" />

          <arg value="--password=<password>" />

          <arg value="connect,:shutdown,exit" />


          <exec executable="${jboss.home}/bin/jboss-cli.sh" osfamily="unix">

          <arg value="--connect" />

          <arg value="command=:shutdown" />




          Hopefully others will find this useful.


          Andy McC

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            Sorry - I should have added that Step 2 was in line with jBPM-5.3.0.Final Manual Deployment Guide for Beginner


            Andy McC