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    JBoss New


      Hi Team,


      I am new to JBoss and wanted to know how to start with administering JBoss. I am currently working on Websphere & Weblogic.


      Please guide.



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          1st Method :

          If you are using Linux OS then go to bin directory of JBoss AS.

          First Create Management real Admin User. For this run add-user script by ./add-user.sh or sh add-user.sh.

          Then select option a for add application user.

          Create User name and Password for application user.

          in JBoss AS is having standalone , domain , .. etc scripts in bin. So If you want to start JBoss server as a Standalone mode type ./standalone.sh or you can also run sh standalone.sh

          Then go to for Management console.

          Fill user name and password.


          2nd Method for Window OS .

          Procedure is same as method 1st but only difference is there are having .bat files.


          If you have any issue let me know.

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            Thanks Lalit for the response..Can you also advice where can i find the below mentioned ?

            1) JBoss Application Installation Binaries for Windows XP or Solaris.

            2) JBoss Administration docs



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              Hi Selva


              1. JBoss AS installation will come with Binaries. When you install it it will directly installed.

              Use these steps for Linux - Here I am using Ubuntu flavor. You are using Fedora and it support yum install command.

              So you can go through https://access.redhat.com/site/documentation/en-US/JBoss_Enterprise_Application_Platform/6/html/Installation_Guide/Install_OpenJDK_on_Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux.html


              2. For Admin documents.

              JBoss Application Server Official Documentation Page


              You can check your file structure of JBoss AS. It is having all directories and File structure.


              Note : If you are going to use Oracle Java ---- Don't install Open JDK. Because for Oracle Java , Open JDK is not supported. So Before installation plan for all environment.


              Any issue for installation process.


              Let me know.



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                If you start with JBoss you should use the latest version,

                JBoss AS is renamed and you can find the all here WildFly Homepage also the latest Documentation

                As the server is pure Java there is no difference whether you install/unzip it on windown or Unix.