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    New to Teiid org.jboss.teiid not found

    Geoffry Roberts Newbie

      Hi all,


      I am setting a JBoss server for the first time in several years.  I need to connect to an Accumulo data source and it seems Teiid is the way to go.


      I encountered an error with the install.  What can I do about it?


      Thanks in advance.  I'm sure this is some little noob thing.


      I am following the Teiid installation guide.  Here's what Ii've done so far:

      I unzipped the Teiid distribution into my Wildfly installation.  A spot check confirms there are teiid artifacts in the various directories so I'll say the unzip went well.


      I ran:

      abend:bin gcr$ ./standalone.sh

      This worked. Wildfly is running and appears to be healthy.

      I ran this and got an error. 

      abend:bin gcr$ jboss-cli.sh --file=scripts/teiid-standalone-mode-install.cli


           "outcome" => "failed",

           "failure-description" => "JBAS013453: Extension module org.jboss.teiid not found",

           "rolled-back" => true


      I have

      OSX 9.2

      Java 1.7.55

      Wildfly 8.0.0

      Teiid 8.7.0