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    Gatein (3.6.1) reusing session across application server?


      Hi all,

      I've been trying to figure out what is causing the same session to be shared across my web applications and the Gatein deployment (infinispan?).

      I basically have 2 web applications deployed (not portlets, just regular web apps) App1.war, App2.war and then I also have Gatein deployed on the appserver (JBoss EAP 6.1.0).

      When Gatein is deployed, I notice that the sessionId of Gatein would be identical to when I access App1 and App2. If Gatein is not deployed, the sessionId of App1 and App2 are different. I run into issues when a user logs out of Gatein and since the session is invalidated but shared amongst App1 and App2, the user would get their access revoked from viewing App1 and App2.

      If anybody has any ideas how to disable this "session sharing" within Gatein, it's much appreciated!

      This is probably something real simple but I haven't had much luck figuring this out after scouring the Internet for a bit now.



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          What you describe is weird. If you have regular app with no portlet.xml

          inside, GateIn Deployer should not touched and then they should work as

          normal web app.


          I would try to check if no portlet descriptor is forgotten on .war archives.

          Also I would check to wrap .war archives into .ear archive in case some

          isolation aspect can be involved.


          GateIn 3.6.x is an old branch I would also check with newer one (master).


          If you think is an issue feel free to open a JIRA about it to fix it in a

          next iteration of the project.