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    Problem with maven repository reference in trying remote-invoker quickstart


      As a complete Switchyard newbie, I followed instructions for loading Switchyard goodies into an existing jboss EAP 6.3 setup (provided for me by others). Then went into quickstarts and tried getting the remote-invoker example to run (following its readme). When I had done all of this with EAP 6.1 (and Switchyard 1.1), everything worked fine. However, with 6.3 (and Switchyard 2.0) I get some kind of non-resolvable error when attempting the mvn install -Pdeploy command:


      [ERROR]     Non-resolvable import POM: Failure to find org.jboss.as:jboss-as-par

      ent:pom:7.4.0.Final-redhat-11 in http://repo.maven.apache.org/maven2 was cached

      in the local repository, resolution will not be reattempted until the update int

      erval of central has elapsed or updates are forced @ org.switchyard:switchyard-p

      arent:2.0.0.Alpha2, C:\Users\zzzzzzz\.m2\repository\org\switchyard\switchyard-pa

      rent\2.0.0.Alpha2\switchyard-parent-2.0.0.Alpha2.pom, line 723, column 25 -> [He

      lp 2]


      When I go to review the actual contents of repo.maven.apache.org/maven2/org/jboss/as/jboss-as-parent, there is no version 7.4.0.Final-redhat-11 in that directory. How do I fix this problem and get the quickstarts to run? Thanks for any insights.