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    Create a source model using a DDL

    Bas Piepers Novice

      According to the documentation it should be possible to create a source model using a DDL file. To my knowledge, a DDL file is nothing more than a file that contains statements with which a database can be re-created. For example statements like CREATE TABLE tableName (...)" etc. are in DDL files. I'm trying to import such a file and as a test, have created a very simple DDL with only one CREATE TABLE statement, containing only three fields. When trying to import that using the Teiid Designer it complaints about "1 instances of a DDL statement of type [ddl:ddlProblem] were foudn, but cannot be processed". It then only imports the table without the fields in that table.


      Are there any prerequisites to the file you import or is importing a DDL using the Teiid designer not possible after all?