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    S-RAMP project name change?


      When the SOA Repository Artifact Model and Protocol (S-RAMP) was first started, the data model and capabilities revolved around SOA-specific artifacts and metadata.  The spec continues with that specialization.  However, our implementation, currently "Overlord S-RAMP", quickly broadened in scope.  It's now a full-blown, full-featured repository for any type of artifact, document, metadata, relationship, classification, etc.  With that in mind, as well as knowing that having the project name use the same acronym as the spec itself is confusing, we're strongly considering a project name change.  The new project would still be a part of the "Overlord" umbrella group, but would present itself as more of a standalone solution.


      Great idea, but I'm horrible at coming up with names.  So, we need your help!  Any ideas for specific names, general concepts to research, etc. would be a huge assistance.


      Thoughts, so far (will keep this updated as comments come in):

      I'm skipping the following, due to existing projects using the name, etc:

      • Alexandria

      I'm also skipping the following, due to their over-awesomeness (or caused-confusion):

      • K-Ramp
      • RamVault
      • X-Ramp
      • RepoMan
      • Tsubo
      • Thoth

      The following were submitted to Legal, but all were rejected:

      • Atheneum
      • Papyrus
      • Melvil
      • Satchel
      • Vaultage
      • Minerva
      • Metis
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