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    How to create a new scaffold-x provider




      I am trying to cerate a new scaffoldx provider like this one: forge/angularjs-scaffoldx-plugin · GitHub


      I created a new project and basically copied the code from the one above just to test some things. Now, how do I make it that it shows on the $ list-scaffoldx-providers list so I can use it in a project? I have tried the $ forge source-plugin {PATH} command to add the plugin and it shows on the $ forge list-plugins command, but not on the $ list-scaffoldx-providers list. How do I install it as a eclipse project into forge?


      I am using Forge 1.4.4


      What I want to make is a plugin like the one mentioned above, to create JSF pages from an entity. And I don't want to make it available to everyone on the http://forge.jboss.org/1.x/plugins.html page, since  I am only studying forge and want to test it locally.