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    JMX-Server : Managed Jboss AS7

    Pierre Colangelo Newbie

      Hi every everyone o/


      I've updated our RHQ server to 4.13 and it's awesome.

      So now i would like to monitor some applications' mbeans via the jmx-server. I know there's a plugin for the Jboss but it doesnt show me the information i need (the MBeans)

      What i need to get are the Mbeans as seen in the jconsole.


      So on RHQ, on the plateform which run Jboss, in Inventory I click on Import --> JMX-Server. I choose Managed Jboss AS7 --> next

      I switch the port 4447 to 4947 (which, I know, is working properly since i can connect it with the jconsole, 4447 + 500 of offset = 4947) fill the username in Principal and the password in Credentials.


      I click finish and then it fail.




      What am I doing wrong ?


      Thanks for your help.