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    JBeret / JSR352 - Should JdbcItemReader be used with jberet.local-tx?

    Kohei Nozaki Newbie

      In my understanding, each open, read, write and close of every JDBC resources (Connection, Statement and ResultSet) needs to be in it's own transaction. however, JdbcItemReader opens Connection, Statement and ResultSet in ItemReader#open(), then closes every resources in ItemReader#close(). it uses these resources across multiple transaction.




      According to following discussion, it seems like violates the spec of JCA or something and encouraged to use "jberet.local-tx" to handle transactions manually as a workaround for a while.





      Also I checked a documentation of JdbcItemReader but there's no mention of jberet.local-tx or the problem about handling of JDBC resources across multiple transaction.




      So should I JdbcItemReader use with jberet.local-tx? or am I misunderstood something?