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    JBeret / JSR352 - Should JdbcItemReader be used with jberet.local-tx?


      In my understanding, each open, read, write and close of every JDBC resources (Connection, Statement and ResultSet) needs to be in it's own transaction. however, JdbcItemReader opens Connection, Statement and ResultSet in ItemReader#open(), then closes every resources in ItemReader#close(). it uses these resources across multiple transaction.




      According to following discussion, it seems like violates the spec of JCA or something and encouraged to use "jberet.local-tx" to handle transactions manually as a workaround for a while.





      Also I checked a documentation of JdbcItemReader but there's no mention of jberet.local-tx or the problem about handling of JDBC resources across multiple transaction.




      So should I JdbcItemReader use with jberet.local-tx? or am I misunderstood something?