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    Source Metadata Modeling


      I see on the Komodo diagrams they plan to use the Teiid API for modeling VBD's.  Are we able to grab data-source Metadata without adding them to a VDB or model?  Tables/Columns etc?


      Interested in starting a web-based modeling tool.

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          You'll probably want to start this thread in the Designer forum.  Our current understanding is that they will allow both - having Designer effectively import the metadata for resolving/modeling purporse, but not include it in the VDB, and importing the metadata for inclusion as source models.

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            In Komodo, we're utilizing the Teiid API to expose source metadata as "proxy"-type objects. The default behavior will be to NOT include the source metadata in your VDBs and assume the metadata is loaded by Teiid runtime by just defining the <source> properties in the VDB manifest.


            As we move forward, we'd be interested in your take on what your web-based tooling. We've working on both an Eclipse prototype and a Web UI editor.



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