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    Passthrough authentication - Teiid Work Context not in sync with Security Context




      I'm trying to debug a situation where I have a web application that is running in a JDV instance and connects to a VDB using a local connection to that VDB. We have several login modules configured in our security domain of which I am not sure it is relevant to mention (it's JBoss specific, not so much JDV specific) but one of them, for instance, authenticates the currently logged in user using an LdapLoginModule.


      For the web application we have specified a data source that has the "PassthroughAuthentication" set to "true". It should therefore use the principal of the web application to authenticate against the locally deployed VDB. What I do not understand and can't find the root cause of is why this web application keeps logging in on the VDB using an "anonymous" user. How can I prevent this from happening? And more importantly, why is this happening? Needless to say this is causing severe problems when a user logs in with a different username, for instance by closing the browser and re-opening it: the org.teiid.services.SessionServiceImpl.passThroughLogin somehow detects a session still being active and returns all the active security context for the domain we have specified (because it logs in with user anonymous which is a non existent principal. It would in this case return the previous principal's security context.


      Any help would be appreciated. JDV 6.0, by the way...

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