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    Duplicate records being for formed for Internal Materialized View cluster




      I am testing internal materialized views over a cluster. When I run a query over one of the nodes of a cluster (say node A) to fetch 25000 records (with internal materialization switched on), the cache gets formed on node A and presumably gets synced using the JgroupsObjectReplicator. When I run the same query on the cache formed in the other node (node B), I noticed that I was getting 25600 records. When I analyzed the records, I saw there were only 1024 distinct records each of which repeated 25 times.

      I am using Teiid Embedded 8.10. I saw a similar issue with 8.11 too.

      And I am querying over a JDBC source (MSSQL server )


      Would you have any idea why this could be occurring?