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    Teiid JDBC driver



      I am a learner on Jboss Data Virtualization concepts, I able to build vdb, but i am unable to test it.

      Figured i need Teiid JDBC driver to connect vdb for testing. Could you please anyone help on to deploy teiid jdbc driver access it.

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              Thanks Ramesh,


              While installation i have lot of doubts. Is DataVirtualization package and Teiid server package both are same ?


              Initially for Data Virtualization I installed Jboss EAP, Data Virtualization installer and Tiedd designer.


              Later on teiid forums  i found Teiid server installable component. What is it for ?


              Please give clear view on this.

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                Data Virtulaization == JBoss EAP + Teiid Server Package + ModeShape


                Data Virtualization  is Product name that Redhat offers paid support for. It is bundled package, you should not need to install anything else other than JBDS tooling for designing VDB. Here also JBDS is Product, and


                JBDS = Lot of JEE Development Tools +  Teiid Designer


                Both above you can download from JBoss Products. You can use these both free of cost for development but license restricts you put in production, so this may be better option for you depending upon what you are trying to achieve.


                Now, Teiid is community Project, there is NO paid support, it is only community based support on our best effort depending on community folks available time.  Typically community is some what fast faced and couple versions ahead of the Product. A Project gets turned into a Product by Redhat. You can download these bits from Downloads · Teiid  Here you probably want to download the link like 8.13.4 With WildFly which is WildFly + Teiid Server. Then you can download the Teiid Designer community if you want from Download & Install - JBoss Community or use JBDS from above as it is free anyway. One note here is the latest Teiid Designer or JBDS both do NOT work with Teiid's latest version 8.13.4, they only work with 8.12.4. So depending upon if you are going to use Teiid Designer choose your Teiid version. Here there are no restrictions on how are intending to use these in development/production etc.





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                  Ramesh... I am unable to test the JDBC connection.. Where I have to reset the credentials.

                  I tried with default credentials it's also not working

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                    Did you create a user? There are no default users. Use the <EAP>/bin/add-user.sh script to add a management user and application user. The management user is used for the Administration and JDBC will use the application user.


                    Once you have those, update in Teiid Designer and test.