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    Arquillian available port extension




      I created an arquillian extension to easily use an available network port when configuring a container in the arquillian.xml


      So far I have pushed it here : mryan43/arquillian-available-port-extension · GitHub and I would like to have some feedback about it in order to know if maybe it could be moved to the "arquillian" repository group on github.


      It's my first contribution to Arquillian so please bear with me

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          Hi Manuel,


          sorry for the silence for that long Many thanks for  your contribution and (long awaited) welcome in the community.


          Give me a few days to have a look and I will definitely come back with feedback. I think such a functionality would be pretty useful for Arquillian Core. I will get in touch with aslak and we will figure out if your contribution can make it to the core module or will be available as an extension.

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            I looked at the code and I have few suggestions:


            • port scanning is rather an exhaustive operation - we should make it with the lowest possible timeout and in parallel
            • simple Socket should be enough - no need for ServerSocket here
            • we should log which port is replaced


            Since this is very tiny extension maybe putting it in arquillian-showcase would do the job? mjobanek any suggestions?