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      • 15. Re: LargeMessageControllerImpl memory consumption

        that is really strange. where could be the difference? do you use the full profile? may i see your standalone.xml?

        • 16. Re: LargeMessageControllerImpl memory consumption

          I don't know where the difference could be.  I did use the full profile.


          I attached my standalone-full.xml.

          • 17. Re: LargeMessageControllerImpl memory consumption

            thank you for your support.


            i finally found the difference. your standalone was same as mine.  but i think your  system is not on a windows machine...


            i tried to run my test under ubuntu and everthing works fine, but when i run it on my windows box at work the OutOfMemory occurs.


            so now i will try to manually clear the array of nettys BigEndianHeapChannelBuffer

            • 18. Re: LargeMessageControllerImpl memory consumption

              wasn't that easy to clear this buffer...


              what i finally did is the following code if onMessage does nothing



              if ( message instanceof HornetQMessage ) {
                  try {
                   HornetQMessage hm = (HornetQMessage) message;
                   if ( hm.getCoreMessage().isLargeMessage()) {
                    ClientLargeMessageImpl  lm = (ClientLargeMessageImpl ) hm.getCoreMessage();
                    DynamicChannelBuffer cb =   (DynamicChannelBuffer) lm.getBodyBuffer().channelBuffer();

                    Field buffer = cb.getClass().getDeclaredField("buffer");
                    buffer.set(cb, null);


              do you see any problems?

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