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    LargeMessageControllerImpl memory consumption

    Sascha Janz Master

      We use JBoss 7.1.1 with hornetq 2.2.13.


      we use hornetq/jms to transfer files from one application to another.


      last week we got two server shut downs due to OutOfMemory


      when i look in heapdump i see 200 LargeMessageControllerImpl with packets/outStream still consuming memory. this could not be active sessions, because the system is only used by much less then 200 users.


      so try to repoduce this.  i transferred as 230 MB file on my local system and get a heap dump


      i the heapdump there are LargeMessageControllerImpl consuming those 230 MB with outStream.


      i tried to free those resources but with no luck.


      the onMessage code looks like


      BytesMessage bm = (BytesMessage) message;
           File outputFile = new File(path....);

            FileOutputStream fileOutputStream = new FileOutputStream(outputFile);


           BufferedOutputStream bufferedOutput=null;
            bufferedOutput = new BufferedOutputStream(fileOutputStream, 8192); 
            bm.setObjectProperty("JMS_HQ_SaveStream", bufferedOutput);
            bufferedOutput= null;
            fileOutputStream = null ;


      any tips what i could do?

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