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    JBDS 10.4.0.GA - Embedded Forge console very slow



      I'm using JBDS 10.4.0.GA with Forge embedded console. In the Window->Show View menu I'm selecting Other->Forge Console and the Forge console window displays. Then I click on the Icon labeled "Start 3.6.1.Final embedded" (the green arrow) and a progression bar showing the console starting is displayed. It takes a while before it starts. Now, once started, it displays the prompt "[workspace10]$" and then I'm typing the "pwd" command. It takes several minutes before getting the result of the command and the processor comes to 40%.

      I used to use the Forge console with previous releases, for example 10.0.0.GA and didn't notice any problem. Is that a regression ?


      Kind regards,

      Nicolas DUMINIL