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    Teiid VDB with rest auto generate tag encounters two errors - war not deployed and unauthorized error

    dassri dassri Newbie

      I have deployed a VDB with rest service on two different servers. I am encountering two problems.


      1. On one server, the war does not generate whereas the VDB definition asks to auto generate, yet the deployment does not auto generate the war file. I do not see any error in the log file. Not sure why the war file does not generate. Teiid version is 9.3.3.


      2. On the second server, war deploys, but can not access it via http://localhost:8080/sample123_1/ , I am asked to provide user id and password. I entered application user id and password set up for the Application Realm. I get "unauthorized" error. Does the user role need to be "rest" role? If yes, how to set up the "rest" role? Teiid version is 9.3.1.




      Thank you.