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    Jboss + GateIn Portal session configurations


      Hi everybody,


      ii know there are a lot of questions about the same or similar topics but unfortunately i could not found a solution to mine yet.


      So here is the problem definition:

           I have two problems by the way

           1- I have two ear deployed on a server both of the ear are different applications but they can talk each other via service calls (SOAP for example). Both can be used alone.

                The problem is when ever i open the (The names are sample1.ear and sample2.ear) applications in the same browser they both use the same session. Actually i have debugged in the code and even the incoming requests coming to our CustomSingleSignOn classes are having the same session id. I can not separate them. How can i do this.

           Not: requested sessions are mapped with the JSESSIONID. Even though the pages are different (tabs on browser are different) they want the same session.

          2- This one might be different than the first problem but i think that the root cause might be same,

                I can open sample2.ear application from sample1.ear application with a  redirection to new tab on browser, ıts ok so far but  this time the session timeout duration is around 1 minute, after 1 min the sampl2.ear application times out. But this does not effect the first application, its still active and session is alive. I have changed everything i find on the configuration xmls, for example ,web.xml in 02portal.war, resources.war etc.. in gatein ear and other portlets. None seems to be working for me.


      they both looks like i miss something very basic in the configuration but i have not yet figured out that. So can you please tell me what could be the problems ..




      Note: gatein version: 3.4.0 final, jboss 5.1.2 ga


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          GateIn is not under active development, I have not clear if what you try to perform is to fix your single CustomSingleSignOn mechanism.

          I would recommend to try (if possible) with latest GateIn 3.8.16.Final I remember there were a lot of fixes and changes compared with GateIn 3.4 and probably things you try to work on are already there, or the 3.8.16.


          But again, not active project and core developers are working in different projects.

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            Unfortunately we are using gatein 3.4 and that might be the problem. I am not trying to fix our SSO classes i just wanted to know how these two seperate applications request the same session. it could be mixed on gatein's own settings and our applications settings for session management when we started using gatein & that if somehow gatein has a mechanism to prevent these two applications to use  different sessions for example ThreadLocalSessionProviderInitializedFilter (idk). Because of same thread on the same browser?


            Yes, we plan to upgrade but i don't know exactly  when.


            Thanks for the response

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              Hi, Lucas simply my problem is this,


              i have two seperate applications deployed on Jboss with gatein portal and both are using the same session in the same browser.


              i could not find a way to differentiate them, i mean how can i assign a separate sessions for each of them.


              My .ear applications have the same session in the same context root,  i belive that is the root-couse for the problem i have. Do you know any way to solve this...